Bien avant Christophe Colomb, il y avait déjà des Africains en Amérique

 Metal Clasps

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...carved stones that were tightly bound and fitted together with the use of metal clasps. What are the chances that this technique evolved, after millions of years of human evolution, in the same exact spec of time (give or take 1,000 years) on opposite sides of the globe?

Staff God Icon

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...revered the "Staff God Icon," which is nothing less than the lost crucifix of the ancient Universal Religion described above. Not yet documented by scholars, the Staff God Icon is found everywhere around the ancient world; it symbolizes the perfected human being. LEARN MORE IN THIS BOOK.

Inward Slanting (Earthquake Proof) Buildings

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...built similar looking inward slanting tombs and temples.

Anthropoid Coffins

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...designed anthropomorphic coffins for the deceased and designed those coffins to look like the local god or hero who had defied death and who had lived to tell about it. This is the example given for the masses to follow, for we all must defy death (in the end) by looking for and finding true eternity within.

Third Eye Solar Circle On Forehead

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...depicted circle shapes on the human forehead indicating where the Third Eye or Circle Eye goes:
"A cyclops in Greek mythology and later Roman mythology, was a member of a primordial race of giants, each with a single eye in the middle of his forehead. The name is widely thought to mean "circle-eyed".