Bien avant Christophe Colomb, il y avait déjà des Africains en Amérique

 Similar Stonemasonry

BOTH THE EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...built very similar looking stonemasonry, even down to the detail of carving bulges or "bumps" in the stones (see detail). What is the rhyme, riddle and reason here? How can this be explained?

Precision Stonework

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...created precision-like stone cuts in their masonry, such that a piece of paper can barely fit between stones. Often no mortar was used. This symbolizes the quest to gain perfection, or nearness to perfection, which leads one closer to our spiritual and heavenly home and eternal source.

Trapezoidal Doorways

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...built trapezoid doorways, signifying spiritual advancement upward. The trapezoid is similar to a triangle, which denotes ascension and spiritual transcendence. The trapezoid doorway is used by many ancient cultures. It relates a kind of futuristic state of humanity that occurred in the distant past, when people were calm and had attained nirvana; this doorway is the symbol of the high wisdom once possessed by our ancient ancestors.

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...designed twin symmetrical serpents above the trapezoidal doorway entrance to their temples. The idea of balancing the opposing energies is certainly presented here, via these twin animals in symmetrical balanced poses. This "balanced opposites" image seems to be the "ideal" that is taught within the building that is entered through these doors.