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La santé mondiale entre racket et bien public-Partie I

There is also an economic problem associated with all these irregularities. I talked to many foreign trained doctors and they told me that they were eager to compete with Canadian graduates in different examinations and they had no objections regarding this. So, foreign trained doctors have appeared in these examinations and most of them have already qualified in the two examinations. Some of the immigrant doctors did better than the local graduates in these examinations. Although most of the immigrant doctors are experienced as specialists and they were graduated long time before coming to Canada, they took all the trouble to study and prepare for these examinations.

Canadian medical graduates have to appear in MCCQE1 and MCCQE2 examinations for licensing. But the foreign trained doctors need to appear in other examinations like MCCEE and NAC-OSCE and CE1, CE2 etc. which the graduates from the medical schools in Canada do not need to appear. There is also a financial tag attached with this examination process.

In the last two years there was a huge raise in the examination fees. Two years ago each of these examinations used to cost a doctor around 800-1000 Canadian dollars. But now the average fee of each examination is around 1500-2000 Canadian dollars. There are also other costs associated with these examinations. These include administration fees, registration fees etc. So, an immigrant doctor needs to spend at least 6000-8000 Canadian dollars for these examinations.

They have to qualify each examination one at a time and then have to wait for six-twelve months for the next examination. So if an immigrant doctor has to pass MCCEE, MCCQE1, NAC OSCE examinations, which are the three examinations one needed to qualify for applying for a residency position, he will have to spend at least 2-3 years in Canada.

Who will take care of his economic needs during this period?

What happens when an immigrant doctor qualifies in all these examinations and still fails to get a residency position only because of limited number of positions? 

These are professional examinations and every body knows that one can not be a full time student and a full time worker at the same time. As the number of foreign trained immigrant doctors is rising, the problem is exceeding its limit. 

But there is no one to look into this terrible situation.

"Back in January 2008 the Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP) and Europe's Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) released the first annual Euro Canada Health Consumer Index 



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