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 Parallel Solar Symbolism

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...used animal deities in symmetrical poses flanking a central solar emblem. Just as the sun strikes a perfect balance between Winter and Summer, the extreme Cold and extreme Hot it is vital for our own inner suns (the sun symbolizes our eternal soul or Self) to balance our own positive and negative twin animal energies, urges, instincts, appetites, etc. in order to stay in balance and in harmony with nature.

Animal On Forehead

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...used the "animal on the forehead motif" to evoke the power of the Third Eye. Both cultures understood that we can create a trancelike state where we "awaken" our so-called "Mind's Eye," "Inner Eye," or "Third Eye," a symbol of spiritual illumination thought of as existing near the forehead above and between the two eyes―exactly where the animal is placed in the image above.

Cross Symbol (Chakana/Ankh)

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...used the stepped design motif, which symbolizes the gradual ascent the initiate makes on his / her journey from lower man to ascended human being. Rome wasn't built in a day; you don't find your "Christ within" or your "Buddha within" in one day. Ascension takes time and effort.

"Triptych" Three-Door Temples (Indicates Same Religion)

BOTH THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INCAS / PRE-INCAS...built the same identical Triptych temples. The Triptych design is a worldwide architectural phenomenon that graces the facades of temples, and that symbolizes the same Universal Religion practiced all over the ancient world. The religion is based on the same "balance of opposites" formula described above. The twin outer doors symbolize opposites (the left-side / right-side of our lower temporary self) while the middle door symbolizes the central point of eternity (the centered higher eternal Self). Triptych Temples were later inherited by the Gothic cathedral builders, the Freemasons. LEARN MORE HERE.